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14kt Gold Lavalier Necklace c1900 ~ Pearls and a Diamond



A Child's Winter Bonnet of Silk Velvet, Early 20thC



A Red Suit For A Little Boy, Dress & Knickerbockers, c1905



A. B.'s Small Slide Box in Carved Walnut Dated 1876



Affection On Ivory With Hair & Silk, Mourning Ring, 18thC



American Portrait Miniature On Ivory, A Young Lady, Dated 1830



Antique Heartwood Cutting Board, Root Handled Chopper, 19thC



Baby Shoes In Blue Kid Leather, Fabulous Van Dyked Tongues, c1830



Bat Girl In Silk, c1898



Belle Epoch Harlequin-esque Masquerade Costume c1885



Canted Rye Basket for the Rising of Dough, Early 19thC



Careful Dinah and Sky's Copy, by Listed Artist Elizabeth Bell, 1969



Cat Amidst Legs, Folk Art Painting, c1900



Classic 18kt White Gold White Diamond Ring c1935-45



Cold Painted Bronze Figural Match Safe / Strike c1870-1900, Tasseled Riding Boots, Ex-Collection



Deco Skyline Necklace by Wachenheimer Bros., c1925, Sterling, Carnelian, Chalcedony ~ Spectacular!



Diamond Necklace of 14kt Yellow Gold Filigree, c1900



Diamond Ring In 18k White Gold, c1925



Eagle About To Take Flight, Black Walnut, Mounted, c1900



Elegant Double Candle Brass Wall Sconce c1840



Entwined Serpents In 18k Gold, Mid-19th Century



Fabulous Painted Flapper Dance Dress, Glass Beads, c1923



Federal Period Brass Tie Backs, Majestic! c1800



Full-Bodied Greyhound Cravat Pin, c1840



Gentleman's Cufflinks Made in France c1930, Roe Deer Grazing



Georgian Diamond Cluster Ring, c1780



Georgian Gold Fob Seal, Rock Crystal Engraved, c1770-1800



Georgian Pensee Ring in 15kt Gold & Garnets, Locket on Back, c1820



Georgian Shoe Form Snuff Box in Fruitwood c1820-40



Goose Girl, Signed O/C 1903



Green Agate, Yellow Gold, Magnificent Seal Fob c1900



Hardstone Cameo of Aphrodite, 10k Gold and Pearl Frame, c1890



Hattie Carnegie in Sequins ~ A Cocktail Hat c1947



HistoricToile c1770 ~ Columbus Discovers the New World ~ Part of a Bed Hanging



Italian Grotesque Theater Mask Necklace, c1940s



Joyous Shoes, Ex-Exhibition, c1890



Large Swivel Seal Fob of 15kt Gold, Rock Crystal Seal c1890



Little Blue Painted Treen Bowl Worn Smooth as Glass, Late 18th/Early 19thC



Little Boy's Dress in the Zoave Style, Post-Civil War Era



Little Edwardian Suit for a Little Edwardian Boy, c1910



Lone Star Quilt, 19thC



Look Out Railroad Arm Bands, c1940s



Lord & Taylor NY Wedding Shoes w/ Museum Number & Note Dated September 3rd, 1913



Magnificent Seal Fob of 15kt Gold, Banded Sardonyx Seal, c1860



Majestic American Glass Block Mourning Necklace w/ Pearls & Rose Gold, c1860s



Majestic French Muslin Baby Gown, c1810-30



Master Salt, Mochaware, Mid-19thC



Mid-Victorian Sentimental Jewelry ~ Forget-Me-Not Pendant Necklace, c1860



Most Magnificent Greyhound In Gold, Bronze and Pearls, c1890



Mourning Ring Of 18k Gold, Pearl, Hair, c1800



One Spectacular Blue Tool Tray, Early to Mid-19thC, Ex-Collection



Open Hearth American Footman, c1750-80



Original Salt-Glazed Jug w/ Cobalt Single Tulip, c1860, Woodruff, Cortland, NY



Parisienne Evening Hat w/ Vibrant Blue Plume, Silk Veil c1940



Pendant Necklace in 14kt White Gold and a Diamond, c1925



Pendant Necklace of Rose Cut Garnets on a Golden Chain c1910



Period Art Deco Ring, 18kt Gold, Natural Sapphire & Diamonds



Period Deco Diamond Ring in 18kt Gold, c1925



Platinum and Diamond Ring c1918 * 1/2 Carat Diamond, Platinum Filigree



Portrait of a Lady on Tin, c1820



Recumbent Marble Lamb, c1860



Sentimental Coral Locket c1840 ~ Double-Sided Hair Compartments



Sentimental Glazed Locket Pin, 15k Gold with Banded Agates, c1860



Small Master Salt, American Treen ~ Early 19thC



Sophisticated Cocktail Hat, c1930s, Silk Velvet, Glittering Beads



Sparkly Cut Steel Bead Tremblant Hairpin in Tiara Form c1820-40



Suffragette Ring, Ruby, Emeralds, Pearls in 15kt Gold, c1860



Sultry Vintage c1920s Velvet Dinner Gown



The Bishop, A Big, Early Cookie Cutter c1850



The Cherub Seller, c1865



The Grand Exit Gown in Taffeta, Vintage c1935-45



Three Fine Fishermen ~ Working Ice Fishing Tip-Ups, Figural Form c1940



TRUTH in Amethyst and Gold, A Fob Seal, c1830



Two Early New England Redware Dishes c1800, Hearth Oven Use



Vulcanite Paleontology Collar Necklace c1875



Wealthy Woman's Workbag in Velvet with Stumpwork, c1720



Wedding Bonnet Of Silk And Straw, c1840


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