SOLD * 18Kt Gold 4 Diamond Ring 1877-8

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    SOLD * If you are going to buy only one diamond ring in  your life, it should have a strong history behind it. This is what we love about English jewelry - the wonderful hallmarks providing thorough, verifiable facts about the piece you are contemplating.   This exquisite diamond ring has a solid history.  Made in Birmingham, England in 1877-8, it is solid gold, 18kt.  Made by and/or sold by S. Bros.  All this information is clear in the hallmarks that run along the band's interior. 

    The diamonds running across the face of the ring are rose cuts.  They glisten rather than glitter, as brilliant cuts will do.  And these particular five do a beautiful job of it, glinting richly against the pure yellow gold.   The diamonds are about 10 points each. American ring size 7; UK N; Japan 14. 

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