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A Miniature Book of Poetry Publ. 1850 Female Editor, Baltimore

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    When I came upon this book in England a while ago and saw that it was American, its page edges were gilded on three sides and it was edited by a woman in 1850, a time when very few women were welcomed into the business and literary world.....I could not resist.  Its wonderful condition was another factor in the purchase.  But the reason this book really, really has my heart ~ it was signed on both the first and second flyleaves, written in pencil, Mifs Nellie Bond Rook.  The letter 's' in Miss is an 'f'.  A true show of the old hand in penmanship.  That's a thing to love, isn't it?

    Little books were made for travel.  Educated men and women would carry small books in their pockets or their reticules. Perfect for those long wagon or train rides.  Our book is a mere 4 -1/2" X 3".  It is 128 pages long.  The pages are made of ragpaper.

    The book is The Lovers Gift.  With a period.  Cloth cover decoration has gilt with opulently designed font and artwork along the spine.  Inside, the frontispiece is a superb engraving. It's rural, agricultural.  Horses ~ Lambs ~ A Cow ~ A Plow!  And it's been protected throughout the generations by the original tissue paper.  In our photo, the tissue looks as if it has a big blob of stain. It doesn't. That's just a shadow I could not get rid of.  The end paper at back also has artwork that is actually a presentation page, with the word "To" above two blank lines to be filled in with the name of the one you're giving the book to.  There are pages  accented with tasteful little line drawings.

    The poems inside are by different poets, and they are classic, true, clear and timeless in their honesty. A verse from one of my favorites ~ Mrs. Embury's Love Warning: "A quaint old rhyme may oft disclose / How much the heart has borne: - / "Love's first step is upon the rose - / His second, finds the thorn!"

    A grand little book, edited by Mrs. E. Oakes Smith, published by H. S. Parsons & Co., Hartford, Connecticut in 1850. With a Preface written in Brooklyn in Sept., 1847.  The book is 4 1/2" X 3" and 128 pages long.  In fine, strong condition with all pages present and intact. Made of rag paper, there's some foxing ~ a limited amount, actually.  This is an exceptional book that you will enjoy both reading and displaying.  Questions?  Email anytime.

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