A Victorian Christmas Card c1880

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    A fancy Victorian Christmas card edged in silk fringe and with beautiful colored pictures on both sides.  There is no real place to write a note, and I think part of the reason for this was the fact that these cards were not mailed, but hand-delivered from the giver directly to the recipient.  The Christmas season in early days was much shorter than ours is today.  It was a couple days prior to Christmas and a day or so after.  It was a very personal holiday in which people visited others. They brought lovely Christmas cards with them, prized for their artwork and sentiment.  These were as much gifts as greetings.  This is a card decorated with roses and nature scapes.  The tea rose with buds and an Eastern bluebird are on one side with the message A Christmas Greeting.  The other side has light pink wild roses, a swallow and the sentiment Thy Christmas Be Gay.  All is in beautiful condition.   4" X 5" Free USPS Priority shipping for USA addresses.