American Classic ~ Elegant Glass Compote c1900

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    The glass in this incredible compote is so clear it looks like icy fresh spring water flowing one second, frozen the next.  Tap the compote and you'll hear a beautiful, lasting ring.  There are no signatures, no markings and no problems.  This substantial piece weighs 8 pounds unpacked and empty.  8" tall with a top diameter of 10 3/8".  The base has a diameter of 5 1/4".    I would like to have oranges in it, for a warm bright spot in  my home.  You can fill it with chestnuts or chocolates, stone fruit or real cherries, apples, pine cones & berries.  Or you can let it stand on its own.  Regal!

    I suspect this compote may be flint glass. There are 3 criteria which must be met if it's flint glass.  The piece must weigh substantially more than you would have anticipated; the piece must have a lasting, beautiful bell-like chime or ring when tapped.  And the piece actually has to have that "old" feel and look to it.  If all three criteria are not met, you can forget the possibility of flint glass.  This compote has qualities that definitely do meet all three stipulations, and the ring is absolutely the very best.  A stand-out piece that will fit in any room and is appropriate to a myriad of decorating styles.

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