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Spool Horses, Depression Era Toy / American Folk Art

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    Interesting enough to be seen as primitive folk art, this mounted pair of home crafted horses made from scraps is an excellent example of American frugality and ingenuity.  Pieced together with used spools and carved from spare bits of wood, these were the toys of the Great Depression.  In original surface. 

    What I love best about them....their spool legs.  Remote traces of yellow paint show along their edges.  The horses have losses (i.e., some legs), and they are all the more poignant due to the losses.  Horses approx. 9" long.  Over all length, 17". 

    The Depression Era offers an excellent study of what people will do for others ~ parents for children,  childrens for siblings, friends for friends, and so on. Every little thing was a struggle, but overall the soft light of kindness would show through in surprising places. 

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