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Antique 15kt Gold Ring w/Natural Coral Cameo c1890

  • Details:

    A beautiful ring made of 15kt yellow gold set with a large natural coral cameo.  The cameo is delicate in design, senstively carved, stable, secure and in terrific condition.   A Late Victorian woman with Gibson style hair and the subtle suggestion of a neckline to her dress sits for her portrait.  

    Exemplary of the talent of the Italian cameo artisans during the Belle Epoch and into the very earliest days of the 20th century.  The ring is marked 15ct;  15 karat gold was not used after the early 1930s.

    What makes this ring extra special to us is the dedication engraved inside the band. It's dated 1950.  Since the ring was made much earlier, we imagine this was given as an antique gift for someone in 1950.  I like to think this ring was handed down within the same family.  US ring size 7; UK ring size O; Asian ring size 14. Your ring will be delivered to you in a nice gift box. 


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