Authentic Satellite Jumping Shoes ~ Retro Fun From the Nifty 50s

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    Some call them Satellite Jumping Shoes, others call them Pogo Shoes and still others call them "just plain crazy".  In the 1950s, they were advertised as mini-trampolines for your feet.  Did they ever catch on?  I don't know, but I do know that we have a pair of authentic vintage, guaranteed-the-real-deal spring shoes that you can wear to get the jump on everybody else in town.  



    The earliest satellite shoes were metal in construction, like these.  They were manufactured by the Rapaport Brothers in Chicago.  Our second picture shows them on display at the Schreiber Rail & Historical Museum in Ontario, Canada. These were available in the Sears Catalogue from that era.  Ours are in tip top, original condition.  Aren't they just the ginchiest!?!  Looks to us, though, like Retro fun that's dangerous.  Maybe you should just set them on the mantle and let your guests ooh and ahh over them and not use them. Although they are in completely functional condition, they are better left to display and bring smiles to your friends, not blood, broken bones and tears.  10"L X 3.5"W X 5"T

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