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Ayres Rocking Horse in Hide with Silk, Leather, London c1880

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    An original Ayres rocking horse, made c1900.   She is the product of the London, England manufacturer, Frederick Henry Ayres.   The Ayres horse is known as the Rolls Royce of rocking horses, and Mr. Ayres is widely regarded as the finest maker of Victorian and Edwardian moving horse toys.  He was incomparable for combining innovative flair with finest quality materials and expert craftsmanship ~ magnificent carving gave the Ayres horses their spirit.  The business and factory were located at 111 Aldegate, London.  Founded in the early 1860s, the firm closed its doors in 1914.

    Louise, as I have called this horse since she came to live with us years ago, is a rare one covered in hide.  She is a little girl's horse with a leather side saddle. The knee roll is leather and is movable from side to side. Leather flaps on both sides of the saddle cover the knee roll's holes when the knee roll is moved to the other side of the horse. The fringed saddle blanket is silk, as are the charming rosettes on the horse's head. Her mane and tail are horsehair and they are complete and securely intact.  Louise is perfectly stable, secure and functional.  Your youngster can ride her in complete confidence.  The hide that covers her is also in lovely condition, with only a narrow age separation along the hide seam on the rump behind the saddle, and a few spots of wear in the hide here and there, visible in our photos.  On the stand base is a transfer decal of a Union Jack flag, with the words British Mfg., and the words Registered Trademark.  Measured as complete piece: 50"L X 40"H.

    You can see an Ayres horse very much like Louise in BBC's Masterpiece Classics "Indian Summers".   In addition to being a fun ride, this horse will provide a majestic, unique conversation piece for your home.  She is magnificent!  Reference: "The Rocking Horse: A History of Moving Toy Horses" by Patrica Mullins, New Cavendish Books, London, UK, 1992  

    The thought of shipping giving you a headache?  Louise is available for pick-up. Please email for information.  If she needs to be shipped, you will have to arrange for shipping and packing with your favorite shipper, or we can do the same from here.  Please note, the shipping quote you receive here is a wide approximation.  Please email for more information on shipping.