Bacchante Lava Cameo Brooch in Gold Mount c18950

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    In the most beautiful condition, this lava cameo has lasted the generatuibs admirably.  Portrait of a Bacchante, a female follower of the god of wine Bacchus (Dionysius).  Grapes and grape leaves in her curled hair and a Grecian or Roman toga-like affair held around her shoulders with a little knot, causing a graceful drape to the fabric.  The figure has the straight Roman nose of an early cameo, and yet her lips curl slightly up in a subtle smile.  Kind of a Mona Lisa smile.  This helps us date the brooch to the late Victorian era, c1890-1900 or thereabouts.  Framed in an attractive, simply designed wide 10k yellow gold mount.  Brass backing.  1 3/4" X 1 1/4" X 1/2" thick.  Free USA shipping, handling and insurance.

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