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Basket from Oliveria, NY Dated 1943

  • Details:

    Made during the early days of American involvement in WWII, this basket came from Oliverea, New York.  A fine example of student work,  it's signed on the bottom Oliverea School 1943. 

    The basket body is in a straight, neat weave.   In contrast, the base and upper rims have a light-hearted pattern, and this continues along the handle.  All is in lovely condition, the only imperfection being a slight bend in the handle stemming from a thin break to one stick where it's joined to the basket rim. The basket came to me about 40 years ago with the green bow and I've left it as is.  It looks just right.  10 1/2"L X 8"H (includes handle) X 7"D.

    Oliverea is a small hamlet in the Catskill Mountains of the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State.  The Oliverea School house was built in 1886, but was not opened until 1935.  Reasons unknown.  

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