Bellows Locket 9ktGold

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    A gold locket shaped like an early fireplace bellows. It is made of solid 9kt gold and is British.  The locket is hinged at the bottom where it narrows into the nozzle.  It opens top to bottom rather than at the side.  Inside, the original mica or glass covering for each of the photo slots is missing; easy to replace.  The back and front covers vary subtly; both are floral motif and well chased, so easy to enjoy.  The front has an empty swag in which your initials may be engraved, if you like. The locket comes on an 18" 12kt. Gold Filled chain, an early replacement. The locket itself is 1 5/8" long not including the bail ring; 3/4" wide at its widest part.  Free USA shipping.

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