SOLD * Butch the Bulldog c1898

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    He’s quite the guy, is Butch.  An early stuffed bulldog,  he’s got so much going for him.  He’s been somewhat tattered and torn along the way. That’s OK.  It only adds to his charisma. Which is pretty intense.   Made of velvet, the nap of which is now entirely gone except for a few hidden areas tucked into his plentiful wrinkles.  Like the folds between his soulful glass eyes, which by the way, are glass and original and one is bloodshot.  SALE PENDING

    Butch tells us, by way of a tag sewn to him, that he was born in France.  He has a couple of tattoos (ink stamps) that have faded to unreadable over generations of everybody hugging him.  Only part of his leather collar remains and it is pretty brittle and it matches his skin in color.  His nose is a patch of dark brown, worn velvet and his smile was drawn on by hand.  Butch is wood wool hard stuffed, but boy, does he have a soft heart! 

    Now that I’ve told you all about what’s wrong with Butch, let me tell you what’s right.  Everything.  His head is jointed so he can keep an eye out on your behalf.  He is all original, including everything.  He is B I G, but not terribly heavy.  His nails are drawn on so there’s no chance he can scratch you if he gets riled.  (Which is seldom if ever.)  He is a gentleman, quiet, big and strong, kind, understanding, thoughtful, and clever enough to stick by your side with his mouth closed, voicing no opinions, no demands.  Butch can be a real relief sometimes.  I love him.  And so will you.  About 21” nose to tail,  stands about 16” tall; his chest is a broad, bulldoggy 8” wide or thereabouts.  And his ears flop. Naturally.  

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