Cast Iron German Shepherd Doorstop World Radio

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    This striking German Shepherd doorstop is large, heavy and in superb condition.  He stands 12 1.2" tall and is 14" wide at his base.  Along the base is imprinted WORLD RADIO in the front.  On the dog's back is the imprint DAVISON CO 10.  This doorstop's history is a bit of a mystery.

    The doorstop dates to c1930-60.  He could be British or American.  Both countries had Davison Foundries, not connected, and both had radio systems.  The British relied on radio broadcasts during WWII, which brought news from the front lines. As for the doorstop's German Shepherd form, this breed was used in WWI and WWII, as you can see in the picture I included.  They were a wonderful military breed used by armies on both sides of the war.  They were messenger dogs, rescue dogs and personal guard dogs.

    In America, there was a Davison Foundry Company in Chicago.   And there was a World Radio which had to do with the first ham radios.  This was also mid-century. 

    So the doorstop's background is yet to be proven.  What is true, though, is its beauty, its grace, its functionality and its magnificent presence.

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