Child's Automobile Duster c1910

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    When the automobile was new, driving and riding in a car open to the elements and dust-ups from unpaved roads was often a frustrating (albeit exciting) experience. By the time motorists got to where they were going, even if only a few miles, they would be covered in dust, dirt and grime. And so the automobile duster was introduced.


    Dusters are light coats rarely if ever lined. They were made for easy-on-easy-off. Dimensions were roomy, because the coats were intended to fit over fashionable ensembles and even outerwear. Dusters for children are exceedingly rare. Our duster is shown on a youth sized dress form. It was made of good linen and has large mother of pearl buttons. Cut on an A-line, it measures a chest of 35", waist 40" and length 25". Sleeves from the slightly dropped shoulder measure 13" long and they are a little longer at the back. In beautiful condition! Completely wearable today, and it displays with a youthful integrity.