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SOLD Tot's Victorian Silk Velvet Boots with Acorns c1875

  • Details:

    SOLD Unusual baby boots, and  simply delightful.  They date to the beginning of the Aesthetic Period, c1875.   The bodies are made of soft moss green silk velvet deep cut into stripes.  Open sided, with the side edges piped in silk and the same silk forming ribbon tie closures.  The most wonderful detail ~ a sweet silk acorn suspends from each ankle. The silk cord from which the acorn swings is attached to the shoes with a corded frog-like applique. 

    One shoe has its original silk tassel with the acorn.  The tassel on the other shoe is gone.  Soft leather soles.   Overall condition is very fine, especially when considering the fact that they were made for a toddler new to walking ~ about 170 years ago.  The velvet of the boot and the silk ribbons have faded to what I call almost a pearlescent pale ice green.  Three of the four silk ribbons are cut short.  One pair of ties remains tied in a bow, while the other pair of ribbons have become untied.  There is a very little bit of shallow surface wear to both soles. 

    The shoes measure 4 1/2" toe to heel (outside) and 1 5/8" wide (outside.) Worthy of exhibition. They would do well in a  photo shoot.  I don't know if you'd want your toddler to be running around in them.  Early shoes like these offered little support to growing feet and ankles.   Little charmers, though, and think of the sweet picture you'd have with them on the little feet of your own little charmer.

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