Crier Doll Mme Alexander c1936 16" Tall

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    Sweet baby doll from a private doll collection ~ a crier doll signed Mme Alexander at back of neck. She comes as she was displayed in the collection, in clothes that have no labels. There's a pair of lace decorated bloomers with a drawstring waist, a cotton slip with delicate hand embroidery, a beautifully embroidered dress and soft pink flannel coat, bonnet and booties.  The slip and the outer garments were made with French seams in the slip and self-lining in the coat. The coat has tiny mother of pearl buttons held by crocheted loops.  The dress has the most beautiful needlework similar to crewel work, all in the color of rich cream. Eyelet trim.  Each side of the dress back has 4 darts for added charm. The central back closure stems from neck to hem and closes with hooks and eyes. This is a baby doll that offers great traditional appeal, plus she has the desirability of being a real, meant-to-be-played-with doll and not an art or fashion doll meant to stand on a shelf alone and forlorn.

    Condition: well-made ~ really nice condition. Crier /squeaker center back in good working order, with good sound. Paint on composition very nice and original with no overpainting and no flaking. Cloth body very very good with no tears, rips, holes, fading, no odors. The back of the torso has some brown spots which we have not tried to clean.  A few mild, very thin lines along composition surface on legs and on face. Our photos will show you. Sleepy eyes are a bit sleepy and don't quite open all the way without encouragement. Original fringe eyelashes are present and secure. Comes with ensemble in which s/he was found. None of the pieces have the Mme Alexander label.  Ensemble was hand made for this doll, according to the original owner. The dress has a few small scattered holes in one area to the side of the central embroidered panel in front - barely noticeable unless searched for. The dress interior is not so meticulously made as the other pieces. However, to me the beauty of the needlework supersedes the interior's appearance. The slip has a short tear in it about 1/2" long mid-neckline in front.  Overall we have a very appealing, properly signed and highly collectible Mme Alexander doll. 16" tall.

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