Dear Deer ~ A Pair of Fawns Who Are An Enigma c1950

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    Why are they an enigma? you ask.  Fair question. The answer would be that they are an enigmatic duo due to the fact that they are most definitely two of the sweetest spotted fawn (which are babies), but despite their youth, they each have an admirably full set of antlers!  How on earth did they accomplish that?  Lots of pasteurized milk during their first few months?  Steroids?  (Are steroids looked down upon in the forest?)  Or are these antlers a dream come true for the baby twins?  At Christmas time dreams do tend to come true.  Ask Scrooge. 

    Each dear deer is a mere 2" tall, not counting the magic antlers. Standing straight up, these would add almost another inch.  The deer are metal; the antlers feel like waxed wire and are flexible. 

    What we love about this pair: to us, they're a positive sign for the future.  And for dreams coming true.

    Their price is $48.00 for the pair.

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