Child's Garden Party Dress in Dotted Swiss c1905

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    An enchanting little dress of dotted Swiss with eyelet accents ~ a combination that was a favorite for children and for ladies' tea and garden party dresses during the late Victorian era into the earliest days of the 20th century, c1890-1918.  This dress is in lovely condition, perfectly wearable.

    The bodice is dotted Swiss with tucks front and back.  A 2 1/2"wide border of eyelet is set between bodice and skirt at the dropped waist.  Long puffed sleeves ~ beautiful!  Cartridge pleating at dropped shoulders for subtle poufs.   1" bands of eyelet at the wrists and another about  3" above the wrists.  Back opening with 8 button holes, 6 original mother of pearl buttons.  Bodice measurements: chest 26"; natural waist 30"; dropped waist 31"; shoulder range: dropped shoulders 14"; length sleeve from dropped shoulder seam to cuff 14".

    The skirt is gathered in tiny cartridge pleating for a nice fullness and ease of movement. The bottom hem is 2" wide, for future alterations as your little one grows up. There is a horizontal tuck 1 3/4" wide, a few inches above the hem, adding another dimension as well as another opportunity for further alteration of the dress length. Skirt measurements: dropped waist 30"; length from bottom edge of eyelet dropped-waist border to hemline 7 1/2".  Measurement of full dress: length from mid-shoulder to front hem 25 1/2". 

    What I love about this child's dress is the fact that the shoulders are dropped ~ one of only a few signs that a dress was made for a little boy.

    Please note: I'd be happy to look through my button collection for a replacement set of 8 buttons, if you like.  USA shipping, handling and insurance courtesy of Home Farm Antiques.  No handling/insurance fees for international shipping.


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