SOLD Early Marcel Boucher Sterling Silver Moon Earrings 1941-45

  • Details:

    SOLD A rare find, these sterling silver earrings are marked Parisina Mexico Sterling. This mark belongs to the outstanding Parisian jewelry designer Marcel Boucher. The earrings are clip backs from an impressive jewelry collection privately owned here in NYS.  Each earring is shaped like two crescent moons overlapping, cradling a topaz-blue colored, faceted glass stone. The moons themselves are studded with glittering faceted rhinestones.  In exemplary all original condition ~ clean and eager to be worn and taken out on the town once more.  7/8"T x 1/2"W    Free USA shipping; no handling fees for domestic or international shipping. 

    A Note of Interest: Parisian designer Marcel Boucher apprenticed with Cartier.   Prolific and talented, he is thought by many to have been the greatest costume jewelry designer.  Although not a well-known fact, Boucher lived in Mexico from 1941 through '45. There,  he produced delightful pieces under the name Parisina. He also produced under the names Marboux, Cartier, Mazer, Avon of Belleville and Marcel Boucher.  Highly desirable and extremely collectible, these earrings are an exciting find. 

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