Fair Varistera ~ Two Portraits, One Lady

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    In a single frame, two fine examples of a young lady's home artwork, or a student work.  The sitter is named Varistera, according to the name hand written in ink below the head and shoulders portrait of the lady.  The upper full figure portrait has no name.  For the sake of simplicity, I'm interpreting that as meaning two portraits, one lady. 

    The full portrait is a tactile masterpiece using graphite, watercolor, ink and netting lace.  Fair Varistera wears a Regency Period day gown with a bonnet.  Underneath her summer weight canezou, her gown would have been silk and had an Empire waist. The hem is in sky blue.  Her sleeves are net with ruffled cuffs.  She has a ruffled pouf around her neck to match the cuffs. 

    Her poke bonnet is the elaborate style popular c1830. Flat-ribbon trimmed and covered with lace matching that covering her gown.   Her shoes are tiny ballet slippers.  A charming fashion plate done with impressive detail and talent. 

    In the bottom portrait, the Fair Varistera sits within an O frame. Her hair would have been a powdered wig orately trimmed with plumes and jewels.  Her face shows the use of cosmetics. 

    The two portraits are under a single mat and done with archival materials. Framed during modern times by the Eshia Cummins Framing Gallery in historic Schuylerville, NY.  Framed image measures 13 1/2" X 6 1/2".  The condition to the frame is good with a few little chips along the edges.  The gilt lining is very good. The top portrait looks older than the bottom; the paper has a few small age marks and slight darkening of the background.

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