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Flower Box Filled With Violet Corsages c1940s

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    The minute I saw this, I wanted it.  What a find!  This perky flower delivery box still filled with its fabric flowers, after so many decades!  These violet corsages are sweet and nostalgic ~ Sinatra singing "I’ll Buy You Violet for Your Furs". 

    The label on the box reads: DESIGNED BY NORMAN LIVINGSTON.  Inside there are 64 corsages, 60 of them with corsage pins attached, 4 without.  The 4 without are slightly larger corsages and two have their original labels on them.  (My guess – the milliner received her/his order for the corsages. The staff was told to attach pins to the slightly smaller corsages. As the pins were being attached, the worker removed the paper labels.  Either the worker didn’t get to the final 4, or the work order was for the smaller corsages, leaving the larger to be pinned at another time.  Just my take on it.)  Whatever the case, this is a major find. The violets are in very nice condition, although I’m thinking a little bit of steaming might get rid of any tiny wrinkles and make them appear more in full bloom.  The box measures 30” X 6” X 4”.  It is light.  Each corsage is about 5 ½” long.