Folk Art Man on a Stick - Primitive Wood Carving c1940-50

  • Details:

    Hand carved from lightweight  wood, maybe pine.  Little fellow, BIG impact.  Dating to around the Depression Era, he's most likely from the southern Atlantic states, possibly the Carolinas.  Very primitive and looks splendid being just so.  No arms, although there are holes where arms were planned to be. The right armhole has what looks like a rusty old nail or wood peg part way in.  Jack o' Lantern type facial features with round eyes and triangle nose.  

    The old mister is wearing a jacket or maybe even an entire suit.   Hard to tell, but the jacket hemline is definitely there.  Feet are gone, if ever there really were feet.  The wood has been chewed (or similar).  A dim layer of very old paint has left its traces, if you look.  All in all, the more I talk about this guy, the more I hate to give him up.  But sell I must.  The man himself is a hair under 7" tall; the stick adds another 4 1/2" tall, adding another 2 1/2" to his  height.  His kind-of-round, primitive stand that keeps him upright is 4 1/8" tall.  Bottom base diameter is 3". 

    Why we love this fellow.....he's got personality plus.  And you can fit him in anywhere.  Questions?  Email anytime.

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