Hollywood's Paramount Pep Club Gavel Wood & Sterling Silver Dated 1925

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    A beautiful old gavel of japanned wood with a sterling silver dedication band.  This was a presentation piece and it's dated 1925.  The dedication band is sterling silver and so marked. It says HARRY A. NADEL / PRESIDENT/ PARAMOUNT PEP CLUB INC/1924-1925.

    A word (quite a few words, really) about the Paramount Pep Club. It is, by its own definition, "a Clan of Good Fellows".  It was established within the Hollywood community of film makers and actors during the 1920s. Members were Paramount Studio founder Adolf Zukor, Louise Brooks, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson, Pola Negri, Richard Dix, Bebe Daniels, Adolfe Menjou, W.C. Fields, Wallace Beery, Clara Bow, along with lesser known stars. The club was a group of several hundred.   It was created "...to promote fellowship, encourage educational advancement, assist distressed members ...."

    The name of the recipient of this gavel, Harry A. Nadel, is mentioned in the Pep Club book: "The brilliant record during the twelve months of 1925 is studded with many innovations that have contributed mightily to the Club's sturdy growth. Under the forceful leadership of President Harry Nadel, and with the whole-hearted support and encouragement of the Board of Governors, headed by Eugene Zukor, the range of the organization's varied activities — social, welfare, athletic, educational and co-operative buying — was considerably enlarged, and several new projects were put into effective operation."  This gavel was presented to Mr. Nadel in 1925.

    The gavel is in lovely condition with its drum shaped ends having a few dents and pings, as expected. The silver has a few spots of tarnish that a good polish will take away for you. The handle is as graceful as can be, befitting the elegance of Hollywood during the Jazz Age.  10" long in its entirety; gavel head is 3 1/2" wide.  Free USA Shipping, Handling and Insurance with this item.


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