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Georgian Portrait Miniature Pin 12-14kt Gold c1765

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    An exciting, unusual example of the Georgian portrait miniature pin or pendant. Not a mourning piece done in memory of a departed loved one, but a sentimental love token, perhaps given to a young woman upon her betrothal. Done in paint on wafer, the sitter wears a pretty gown with a blue sash at that erupts into a huge bow at back.  A bird is perched on her finger, singing, and the girl is smiling. The painting is framed in solid gold that tests for 12-14kt. The frame has white enamel on the gold in a line of arrows. This is a lovely and interesting piece of early jewelry, filled with symbolism.  The living tree symbolizes life and growth, the bird is a dove, symbolic in jewelry for friendship and hope. The vignette is surrounded by arrows, symbols of love. The color white in the enamel on the frame suggests that the recipient of the brooch is a maiden.    The entire case is solid 12-14kt gold. It is in very, very fine condition, with the enamel on the frame very good after all these years, and the colors of the portrait miniature unfaded and clear. A beautiful and rare piece of Georgian jewelry in lovely condition. Originally fitted with a pin to wear as a brooch, and a ring to wear as a pendant. The c-clasp for the pin may be an early replacement, or could be original that has been reapplied. 1 3/8"L X 3/4"W  Free USPS Priority shipping for USA addresses.