German Cast Iron Waffle Griddle w/ Hearts

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    In over 30 years of collecting and selling antiques, we've never owned nor even seen another like it.  This cast iron waffle griddle has, in German, a recipe imprinted on its cover.  Inside, heart shaped waffles for your sweetheart's breakfast.  13" diameter and 2 1/2" high at handles.  The recipe translates: 2 pf (archaic Germanic measurement meaning pound or lb) Mehl (flour); 1.5 Liter Milch (milk); 6-8 Eier (eggs); 3/4 Pf Butter; 20 Grm. Hefe (yeast).  The griddle is solid, clean, heavy and absolutely charming. Ex-Collection from the Mid-Hudson Valley of NYS.

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