SOLD * Halley's Comet Christmas Ornament in Glass & Tinsel

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    SOLD * This was my first antique Christmas ornament.  I have cherished it for about 45 years now.  It is Victorian.  Victorian tinsel is wired around a delicate glass ball, which is itself covered in strands of tinsel.  The comet's tail is period silver string tinsel.  The flares generated by the flight of a comet are styled in curls at the base of the comet, in the same Victorian tinsel.  The original hanging wire is still attached to the comet's nose.  The tinsel gleams and glitters in the lights and is an amazing piece on a Christmas tree.

    Halley's Comet introduced itself about 240 BC, when it was seen and recorded by astronomers around the world.  However,  it was thought that these appearances were made by different comets.  It wasn't until 1705 that British astronomer Edmond Halley found that these appearances were actually re-appearances of the same comet.  Since then, the motif celebrating Halley's Comet has been popular among artists and artisans alike.  

    Why I love this piece so much: it has survived all these decades, all these generations, and managed to remain not only intact but in good condition! This is my annual Christmas miracle that I just can't get over.  Imagine coming out of storage only once a year, then going into hiding in a dark, dank place for the remaining 50 weeks of the year.  Or, worse yet, being tossed about by toddlers who didn't know any better, playing at mimicking real comets.  It's a beauty!  About 7" long.  Free USA shipping. Handling fees waived for international shipping.

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