Historic Staffordshire Water Pitcher Wellington and His Peninsular War

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    A rare treasure in the historic Staffordshire category ~ an early water pitcher with brown transferware showing tribute to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.  Wellington (1769-1852) was a leading military and political figure of 19th-century Britain, serving twice as prime minister of the United Kingdom.  This pitcher is dedicated to Wellington's Peninsular War, 1804-1814.  Bordering the pitcher's upper rim is a garland of roses, oak leaves, acorns and thistles.  Within this garland are two shields serving as frames to the harps. The body or soundbox of the harp is made of an angel with wings.  Within the shields are shamrocks; Wellington was born in Ireland.

    A  central medallion on the body of the picture has a portrait in profile of Wellington.  A crown of laurel leaves surround the medallion and at center top rests a royal crown.  To each side is an array of flags, each with the name of a different battle, locations in the Iberian Peninsula where  Wellington's fought his Peninsular War.  Signed on bottom  R.C. & Co. / Wellington. 

    In remarkably great condition, considering it dates to c1820-50.  Lovely detail with even the handle covered in roses and thistle and shamrocks.  There is minimal wear to the transfer. There are no cracks, chips or other flaws.  There is proper wear along the bottom of the base.  7 1/2"T X 7 1/2" broad from outer edge of handle to outside tip of spout.  Beautifully done, properly kept and cared for.  A gem!  Questions?  Email anytime. 

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