Last, Child's Foot Form

  • Details:

    A striking treatment for a single last.  Shoemakers' tools, lasts were wooden molds conforming to a person's foot that served as bases for new shoes being made by the shoemaker.  This particular last was for a child.

    Printed in green ink on one side are identification and size marks 81  and 6 1/2B. On the other side in the same green ink, a shield stamp showing a last and letters and/or numbers top and bottom, too worn to make out. Mounted on a steel and wood base to look stunning on a mantel, a book shelf or wherever you care to put it.  Form: 6" toe to heel, 2" high at heel. Entire piece 6 3/4"H X  6 1/8"L  X 2 3/4"D. 

    An interesting tidbit:  The term for this shoemaker's tool comes from the old English word laest, which meant footprint.  The earliest found last came from Greece c400 BCE.

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