Leather Brogan Shoe Snuff ca. Late 18th-Early 19th Century

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    Something you don't find every day ~ a leather  pocket snuff box in brogan shoe form.  All hand sewn and all original, including the handcut nails.  The lid of the box flips up. There is a handcut square nail acting as a handle at the center.  The striking silhouette is, in our book, what puts this rare piece a cut above.  Heel to toe 3 3/8"; width at ball of foot a  hair under 1 1/2"; height 2 1/4" along back.  Outstanding condition. Free USA shipping, handling and insurance.  Handling fees waived for international shipping.

    Interesting tidbit:  The brogan is a rugged shoe that rises only to the ankle.  First designed in Scotland in the 16th century, the footwear was too high to be called a shoe and too low to be called a boot.  It was the first "work boot", and was made for working men who could not afford full boots.  

    Thomas Jefferson was the first to wear a pair of brogans in America.  It was at the time of the French Revolution, when fancy shoes favored by French aristocrats led their wearers quickly down the path to the guillotine. A serious supporter of the French Revolution, Jefferson wore brogans to his 1801 inauguration as a political statment.  They bonded him with the Revolutionaries in France.  Called the Jefferson bootie, the style became popular.  By the American Civil War, the Jefferson bootie became commonly called a brogue.  It was worn by soldiers on both sides.

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