SOLD* Magnificent Dragonfly in 14kt & Plique-a-Jour c1900

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    SOLD* A magnificent brooch, an impeccable objet d'art, a glory to behold ~ and easy on the eye.  Our dragonfly is 14kt gold in pure yellow, a lovely yellow, soft yet bright.  Ruby eyes, plique-a-jour wings in the deep blue of a starlit sky and the lighter blue  of an afternoon sky. Her abdomen is vitreous enamel in black segmented with lines of yellow gold.  For her thorax ~ two freshwater pearls with perfect skins.  Designed with grace, made with skill.  c1900  Signed HW 14K.  1 5/8"T X 1 7/8"W.   USA shipping compliments of Home Farm.

    Why we love this dragonfly:  her wings are plique-a-jour, a truly wonderful technique first used in 1899.  Transparent enamels that have been fused into the openings of a metal filigree suggest stained glass, a medium usually too heavy for jewelry.  Plique-a-jour is light enough to be worn as jewelry.  The light through our dragonfly's wings reflect on the person wearing the brooch in the most delightful way. 

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