Military Milk Glass Box Spanish American War Uncle Sam on Battleship c1898

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    Something rare to come across today -  from the time of the Spanish American War milk glass with a military theme from the time of the Spanish American War.   This lidded box is in battleship form and features Uncle Sam sitting on deck, complete with top hat and jacket tails flying in his wake. He's either resting his head in his hands or he’s holding his hands over his ears to keep out the sounds of battle.  Maybe both.  Surrounding him are vents and smokestacks.  Framing the lid  are portholes.  More portholes line the box body along with casemate guns on both back and front.  With lid in place, 4 ½”T X  6 ½”W X 2”D. 

    One reason to love this box ~ military and political  history represented in milk glass.  If history is shown on glass,  it is most likely to be clear, leaded or flint glass.   Another reason to love this box ~ Uncle Sam.  It is always a pleasure to have him around.

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