Miniature Antique Toleware 3 Piece Set

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    A great miniature set ~ something you rarely come across.  It's a late 19th/very early 20th century toleware playset for a child. Good quality tin made into a coffeepot, much like you see at the summer lake and mountain camps, a washtub and a vessel to hold things.  The lid to the coffeepot is separate and can be removed. It is original.  The canister or storage container has a lifted  lid permanently attached on either side to the canister top, making it seem to be some sort of shaker.   All three pieces with the original dark green paint and gilded line decoration on each.  All with anticipated wear patterns, worn paint, dulled gilt and light rust.  All as sweet as can be. The coffeepot is 3 1/2" tall with its handle stationery; base has diameter of 2 1/4".  Tub is  3 7/8" wide counting the handles on each end and stands 1 1/4" high.  The conatiner is 2 3/8" tall; top diameter 2 1/4"; bottom diameter is a shade under 1 7/8".  Perfect for a child's imaginary play,  a doll's vignette and also a miniature collection.  Or just something nice and homey to put on your kitchen windowsill. 

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