One Quarter Gill Pewter & Brass Spirit Measure c1900

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    A quality quarter gill pewter spirit measure with a side loop handle and a brass top collar.  It is stamped to the brass rim with an ER and crown custom mark for the reign of King Edward VII.  The front is engraved WB, along with a name that is hard to decipher.  The is the first measure of this sort and this size that we've ever seen with a brass collar.  A very handsome piece from the Hungerford area in England.  2" tall X 1 1/2"W without handle, 2 1/2"W including the handle. 

    NOTE OF INTEREST: A British gill equals 1/2 cup or 1/4 pint in America.  ER in this case would stand for Edward Rex.  ER during Elizabeth's reign would stand for Elizabeth Regina.

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