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Pick of the Pack by Heywood Hardy1853-1933, Print of Original

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    An endearing portrait of two wonderful dogs.  Hunting dogs. Retrievers. They are in training. And this is how it was done in 19th century England.  One older dog, well-trained, chained to a young dog, in need of training.  The older dog teaches the young dog.  A worthwhile school of thought ~ and it works.

    The original painting was done by Heywood Hardy (1842-1933), a British painter and etcher well admired for his animal portraiture.  This is an etching. It's been hanging in my dining room and among my rogues gallery up the stairs for years.  I always thought it was from a Landseer.  Until my daughter found its true artist.  Very nice condition.  The picture is framed and glazed.  The frame is solid oak and the glass is wavy. The picture is matted, professionally glued only at the top.  These hounds are handsome and their faces so expressive.  Just beautiful!  Framed image 11-3/4" X 10"; visual image 7-1/2" X 6".  Questions?  Email anytime.

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