SOLD Pietra Dura Butterfly Locket Necklace in Silver w/Woven Hair Memento Locket

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    SOLD On a sterling silver chain and framed in a silver locket is a perfect pietra dura butterfly.  A woven hair plait rests under glass at the locket’s back. Chain: 17 ¾”L; locket : 1 1/8”L (not including bale) X   7/8”W. The bale adds another 5/8" to the length of the locket.  All is original and in lovely, lovely condition, including the hair art within.  

    NOTE OF INTEREST: Mourning jewelry is so interesting.  It is not mere decoration ~ it has meaning.  Universally, the butterfly symbolized the soul.  Regionally, there were differing opinions.  In Ireland, the butterfly represented the souls of the recently deceased, while in parts of England, it symbolized the souls of unbaptized babies.  Because of the metamorphosis of butterflies, they also represented the evolution or growth of each soul. It was bad luck to kill a butterfly and more bad luck to have one land on your shoulder.  It meant your own death was imminent.  Today, we enjoy butterflies simply for their beauty and grace.  Free USA shipping; handling fees waived for international shipping.

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