PIG by Sculptor Stuart Taylor-Rabb Signed & Dated

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    Fun folk art, packed with personality. Meet the polka-dot pig created by listed American artist Stuart Taylor-Rabb. Hand made of papier mache, hand painted in oil paints, this pig is old and weary and wrinkled but still going strong. Blue eyes, rosy cheeks, the picture of health. Stuffed with paper turned into papier mache, her wrinkles have always been there.  Age has curved one back leg so that when she's tired, she stands at a slight angle. Easily rectified with a firm but gentle pull to straighten her leg and perhaps a cookie or two. Her ears have been in a few minor fender-benders with a couple of lines across each one. You can see in our photos. Thankfully, her perky tail is perfect. 11" long from perky tail to pretty nose. Stands about 5 3/4" high and she's kind of slim for a pig at 3" wide across the hips. Her belly is signed by Stuart Taylor-Rabb, Old Field, NY '85.

    Stuart Taylor-Rabb is a listed 20th century American sculptor. The New York Times called Mr. Taylor-Rabb "a true folk artist, not a city artist." They described his work as, "...highly original, witty statements that comprise the main body of his present creations." Doing a comparative study, they wrote, "His sculptures suggest the charm of Chagall's paintings, whose flying goats and whirlwinds of color are not intended to be taken literally. To do so is to miss the point." (Charles Guzzeta, Jan. 17, 1988)

    What we love about this pig ~ everything! Questions? Email anytime.

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