Rain Cape w/ Ruffled Hood for a Doll c1870

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    A marvelous little bit of doll clothing history.  Yes, they made functioning raincapes for their Victorian dolls. This raincape is made of thin oilcloth ~ too thin, I think, for Mother's raincape but just right for the doll.  With a pretty ruffled hood, treadle sewn seams, handsewn buttonholes and one original button in nice condition, one original button shattered and one replaced mother of pearl button at the throat.  The armhole on each side is nicely placketed and there is even a patchpocket to keep her handkerchief dry.  There are a couple of small tears in the fabric at the shoulder and a longer thin line at the bottom back.  The way the lines had developed makes me think the fabric was treated with linseed oil.  That was the first type of oil sailors used on cottons and one of its weaknesses was that it lead to this sort of splitting in the cloth.  The interior is a very lovely chocolate brown, finely woven cotton or muslin.  Well made, well preserved and well-loved by Vanessa, my model doll, who is, I'm afraid, not included.  Raincape is 13"L from mid-shoulder to hem.  You see it on my  17" Vanessa.  Free USA shipping and for insurance, your fee is the exact amount the post office requires.  Questions?  Email anytime. 

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