Antique Locket Pendant 14kt Gold & Robin's Egg Blue Enamel c1860 A E I

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    This 14kt solid gold and robin's egg blue enamel locket is from an impressive antique sentimental jewelry collection. The locket's front is yellow gold decorated with blue enamel. This particular blue in Victorian jewelry is highly desirable and the fact that it is in such fine condition makes it extraordinarily collectible. On the blue ground are the gold letters A E I, which stand for Amity, Eternity, Infinity ~ "I will love you forever." The locket contains a curl of auburn hair on one side and on the other, a curl of white hair. It was traditional that hair from both the loved one and the one who loved him/her would be displayed in these sentimental pieces. Sometimes the hair from both people was woven together, and sometimes displayed apart, depending on the design of the locket compartment. Golden wires decorate both locks of hair. The solid gold of the back is worked in graceful, skillfully done chase work.

    It's hard to tell if this piece is a sentimental locket, with the hair within from a living person and another living person who loved the first dearly. Or this could be a mourning locket, with a lock of hair from the deceased and the other lock from the one left behind. Either way, this is a stunning tribute to the emotions and loyalties of the human race. Excellent condition, beautifully proportioned, all original. Our locket pendant will be outstanding dangling from your favorite gold chain. It would make the focal point of any collection, as well. 1 1/2" tall including the hanging loop, and 1" wide. Your antique pendant will be delivered to you in a suitable gift box. Questions? Please email anytime. We'd enjoy hearing from you.

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