Sally Joy ~ A Rare Petite American Character Doll c1920s

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    A rare exciting find ~ an absolute joy! This authentic Sally Joy doll will light up your home. Dating to the 1920s, she was made by and marked properly for the American Character Doll Co. Above the embossed company name on the doll's head shoulder plate, the word Petite is embossed. Petite was a specific title introduced in 1923. Sally Joy stands 24" tall ~ the tallest of the Petite dolls. Composition shoulder head plate - complete, original & clean fabric torso - composition limbs & tin sleep eyes. Mouth slightly opened in a delightful smile and nice white teeth. Original wig. Fancy gauzy dress decorated with lace and ribbons. Her outfit appears to be original, as does her undergarment, part of which is sewn to the dress, as designed. Her matching bonnet completes her ensemble. Shoes in a desirable soft blue are ankle-straps with original buttons and bows. They are very sweet. The expression on her face is remarkable. She seems to be holding in giggles, and there seems to be a light in her eyes.

    All in very, very good condition, with few imperfections. She is as we found her. She is from a well-kept collection of antique dolls. Her clothing is dingy but not stained. A gentle hand washing with a drop or two of mild soap, a touch of baking soda and a pinch of cream of tartar will do wonders. No tumbling dry ~ air dry, please. Her eyes need encouragement to open and close. Sally has a small shallow flake to the composition surface right under her lower lip ~ about 1/4" ~ and a tiny line next to that. There are very few vague lines and/or almost-lines, around her extremities. The lines are mild; you have to look for them. Her hands and fingers are well-detailed and in good shape. Torso fabric covering is clean, complete and structurally, the torso and her joints work as they should. Her wig is intact with no loss or brittleness, although her hair could use a brushing. Her shoes and socks are original and in lovely condition. For a composition doll of this advanced age, her condition is really exceptionally fine ~ a tribute to the American Character Doll Company, known for their high quality dolls and the excellently designed & made clothing that came with them. Sally Joy comes to you complete with her stand, the metal arms of which were wrapped in ribbon by someone long, long ago so the arms would not harm her clothing or torso.

    Note of interest: the American Character Doll Company was in business from 1919 to 1968, at which time their molds were sold to Ideal. The American Character people were best known for their '20s composition dolls. Some of their most famous dolls were the Campbell Kids, Tiny Tears, Tressy and the Betsy McCall dolls. These dolls would be continued by the new owners, the Ideal Toy Company, who also continued Tressy's "hair that grows" feature.



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