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Sentimental Hair Locket Bracelet, 1846

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     A lovely antique sentimental bracelet with a band of intricately woven hair and a locket clasp that holds a plaque of plaited hair.  One reason we love this bracelet so much is the gorgeous condition it is.  The band's hair is in lovely condition with no escaped strands, and the woven plait of hair within the locket is just about perfect.   Although not all hair jewelry is mourning jewelry, we feel that this bracelet is indeed mourning.  I base this on the fact that engraved onto the back of the locket is Dr. Tichner and the year 1846.  It would seem to me that a Dr. Tichner died in 1846 and his wife or perhaps his daughter ordered the bracelet to be made up with inscriptions, to be worn during the mourning period.  This bracelet was part of an impressive jewelry collection. It has been taken care of beautifully, and its condition reflects that meticulous case.  Bracelet is 6 3/8" end to end and a hair under 7/8" wide for the band. The bracelet still has its original safety chain and the clasp mechanism works as intended.  Free USPS Priority shipping for USA addresses.