SOLD Silas Slink & Bill Badger Lead Britains Cadbury Cococlub 1934-1939

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    Meet Silas Slink the Fox and good ol' Bill Badger as they see eye to eye in New Forest, and then turn and walk away from one another.  Hand painted lead Britain figures.  Mr. Slink, ever the gentleman bearing his cane and wearing his red cravat, is in lovely condition.  Mr. Badger, being a badger, has suffered a few minor, tiny paint losses and he's missing a bit of a chip to the tip of one ear.  Typical fisticuffian badger behavior. 

    Why we love them both: Silas wears his gentlemanly ensemble, while Bill... well, Bill wears his typical badger injuries, albeit tiny ones.

    Each figure is about 1 1/2" tall.   The price is $75 for the two of them, which includes USA shipping, handling and insurance.

    Note of interest: Cadbury Cococubs, designed by children's book illustrator Ernest Aris, were hand-painted lead anthropomorphic figures made only during the years 1934-39.  Great Britain was struggling out of the Great Depression.  These little toys were created as promotional  premiums solely for the purpose of selling British chocolate company Cadbury's, for their Bournville Cocoa.  This advertising campaign was a complete success with the supplies of the little critters depleted in less than a month.  Within two months, the plan was back in action.  The UK's Global Merchant Journal wrote, "One of the cleverest publicity schemes of the year. It is difficult to over-estimate the sales value of such a scheme." 



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