Sterling Silver Chatelaine with Miniature Perfume c1900-1903

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    Beautifully designed and made, well hall-marked, this antique chatelaine is a sight to behold.  It is solid sterling silver. The chatelaine itself is marked for London and was made 1900-1901.  The maker's mark JT was most likely for John Tiley, silversmith in London from 1898-1905.  The perfume has a very pretty motif of repousse shamrocks with a chased dotted frame, both front and back. This piece is hallmarked for Birmingham, 1902-3 and the maker's mark is for Henry Williamson Ltd. 

    The chatelaine originally had a clip in back, by which it was suspended from a sash or belt.  Converted sometime in the past, the chatelaine now is a brooch with an early 20th century pin clasp at the back.  Conversion back to the original hook style should be easy for a jeweler. 

    Entire piece measures 8 1/4" long.  The top is 4 1/2" X 3"; the perfume is 2 1/2" X 1 3/8".  The chain from which the perfume hangs is 2" long on either side.  All is in remarkably fine condition, save for a couple of tiny dings on the perfume screw-top lid.     Free USA shipping.

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