Sweetheart of a Sweetheart Bracelet c1940s

  • Details:

    A bracelet given with thought and intention during the days of WWII.  Gold tone metal provides settings for  three groups of pansy-like posies, each centered with an amethyst color paste stone.  The fine quality of the paste enabled the jeweler to facet the stones nicely.  The bracelet is unsigned.

    Throughout the ages, times of national stress and anxiety has always encouraged the use of symbolism in both clothing and jewelry design.  The  floral design here is reminiscent of both pansies and forget-me-nots.  Pansy is an alteration of the French pensee, to remember.  Purple pastes are appropriate to use in this iconic wartime sweetheart bracelet.  Purple represents wisdom, bravery, and spirituality; it encourages peace of mind.  One of the colors of the Suffragette Movement was purple, which represented loyalty and dignity.  (Their other two colors were white for purity and green for hope).

    7" long; the pansy or forget-me-not clusters are 19mm X 17mm. All is in clean and lovely condition.  You can wear this bracelet with confidence.  Your bracelet will be delivered to you in a gift box.  USA shipping, handling and insurance is on us.

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