Tiny Candy Container in Cricket Bat Form c1914

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    Rare as can be, Rowntree's Cachous used to be charmingly packaged in a very small tin die-cut to resemble a cricket bat.  Rowntree's little chachous were pastilles, tiny candies or lozenges to freshen the breath.  This container does not open as a usual container does. Instead, the handle of the bat is a hollow tin tube. The tube has a push-on cap to it.   Miracle of miracles, the cap in still there and it is the original.  I have never had one of these tins, nor have I seen any in person.  Only pictures in books.  And of those book pieces, most of them are missing the cap.  The caps are like the Golden Fleeces of the tin container set.  4 1/2"L.  USA shipping, handling and insurance is on us.

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