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SALE * Trade Card: The Pure Baking Powder w/ a Pug

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    What wonderful artwork on this card, created with not only skill but humor.  A little girl in a white dress and a bold pink sash stands with a broom raised in her hand like a flag. Written across the cornhusks are the words "THEPURE Sweeps the Country".  A sign on the door tells us that Thepure is a Baking Powder ~~ Purity, Healthfulness, Efficiency and Economy.  We love this card for its final detail: a small pug dog with a feather duster raised in his paw, standing on a container of - you guessed it - Thepure Baking Powder.  The title at the very bottom of the picture is "CARRY ARMS".   The back of the card tells you the rest of the story.  Colorful, clean and in great condition, this card will perk you up (I would imagine just as Thepure baking powder would perk up anything you bake!)  5 3/4" X 3 3/4"  addresses.