Turban Pin in Cut Steel Beads c1830

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    A fabulous late Georgian/early Victorian turban pin in the form of a shepherd's hook.  Made of cut steel beads, with its original overlong pin shaft and c-clasp at the back. The beads are individually riveted. That fact along with the long pin shaft are sure signs of a very early pin.  All in lovely condition, showing a sparkle limited only by the natural patina the generations have given this pin. Although designed to be worn on turbans, fashionable during the George Sand era, this pin works beautifully today on a lapel, a hat, purse or just about whatever you can think of to pin it to.  Free USA shipping, handling and insurance.

    Interesting tidbit: The cut steel bead was developed to mimic the sparkle of diamonds and was intended at first for the poorer classes.  However, once the wealthy caught sight of the jewelry glittering as it bobbed under candlelight, they decided, "Cut steel beads are for us!"  The prices went up with the demand, and the poor people lost out once again.

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