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Valentine 1850 Handmade with Love

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    I think you can tell from the number of photos I've included here,  it's one of my favorite things.  A handmade Valentine written to Miss Cynthia Carpenter of Georgetown, Massachusetts, from C. W. B.  The card is on embossed stock, beautiful writing paper for a beautiful message.  It is dated Feb. 14th, 1850.  The envelope looks homemade.  You can see from the postage stamps that this predates modern post office practices.  The word Paid is hand written in ink on top and each of the four corners on the front have a little stamp in red, now faded to a more brick color, saying PAID.   The back of the envelope has the official stamp that says Georgtown Mass. and Feb. 1_ 5_.  The 8 and the 0 are faded as to be almost unreadable.  There are two small embossed rectangular boxes with C&G along the flap, perhaps the makers of the stock.  There are remnants of sealing wax left at the central tip of the flap.

    The front of the card has a hand painted watercolor morning glory that is simple and delightful.  There is a cut and paste little brown drawing below with the words Yours forever and the sign for infinity on it. There are also tiny pictures of red roses and blue forget-me-nots ~ perfect flowers for this wonderfully meaningful card.  You may need magnification to see them clearly.  Remarkably, there is no fading to  the card. It was most likely kept in the envelope over the generations.

    In case you can't make out the verse on your computer, here it is.  I wouldn't want you to miss it:  "I am not this Valentine too late / Although the season's flown / for Love like Death presumes to take / All seasons for it's own.  Yours Only  C.W.B."  How differently sentiment was expressed in 1850.  How much deeper and more meaningful for the long term.  The card and envelope are in lovely condition with a general mellowing to the white of the card stock and anticipated show of age and normal wear in some age spots and general softening of the paper.  7 1/2" X 4 7/8"

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