Very Early Blue Spectacles for a Special Purpose

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    These are mid-19th century spectacles made for a gent, but would also suit a lady.  They have metal rims and wire temples formed in huge curls to surround the wearer's ears.  The lenses are dark blue.  Often called sunglasses, these blue glasses had a different purpose in life.  Front span 4 3/4" across.  Length of wire temple 6".  In very fine condition.  You may want to polish up the wire frames and temples.  Free USA shipping, handling, insurance.

    Interesting tidbit:  glasses with amber frames were worn by sharp shooters, who would have them made at home.  The soldiers would pay for them. If you look through the old amber glasses worn by soldiers in America's Civil War, you'll see that things do look clearer.  Blue lensed glasses were recommended for syphilis patients, both to protect the eye, which was often inflamed from the disease, and it was believed that tinted lenses would cure syphilis or at least improve the condition of the patient.

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