Victorian Tam O'Shanter with Matching Muff c1890

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    A stunning set from the late Victorian era, a fancy Tam O'Shanter with its matching muff.  Both the hat and the muff are made of black velvet studded with sparkling jet glass beads and trimmed in silk braid.  Linings are rich blue silk.  All original and in lovely condition.  You can wear the hat and use the muff with complete confidence.  Perfect for Christmas caroling, re-enactments and winter wear.  The hat has a 13” diameter when laid flat with a 22” circumference at its head opening.  The muff is 14”W X 12”H. 


    NOTE OF INTEREST:  The tam o-shanter was made famous by British poet Robert Burns, who who took a folk tale from Scottish oral lore and wrote a poem.  It was about a farmer named Tam and his flat bonnet.  Originally, these hats were made of wool hand-knitted in one piece and stretched on a wooden disc to give its distinctive flat shape.  It was finished by felting the wool.  The earliest form of these caps, known as a blue bonnet from their typical color, were made by bonnet-makers in Scotland. By the year 1599 five bonnet-makers' guilds had formed in cities around the country: Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Stirling and Glasgow.  At the end of the sixteenth century, it was said that the Scottish caps were the normal fashion of men and servants, and they remained so throughout the seventeenth century.


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